Private Detective Agency License #895
Established 1985

What Wood & Tait Stands For


Wood & Tait is a private intelligence agency that specializes in people locates, background research, asset checks and other investigative research. We find the information our clients seek then we crosscheck and verify the accuracy of that information and strive to ensure it is complete.


Quality is vital, but our mission statement is Quality, Timely Service. The timeliness of our service is important. 95+% of all investigative research reports are completed within three business days of receipt of assignments.


Established in 1985, Wood & Tait LLC has always delivered cost-justified service.

We conduct investigations for attorneys, insurance companies, financial institutions, government agencies, public & private businesses and private individuals.

What we are not is a general investigation agency attempting to offer all aspects of private detective service. Rather, we specialize in tracing where we continue to improve our Quality, Timely Service